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Agricultural Days Franeker 2023

18 - 09 - 2023

The annual Agaric Days will take place in Franeker again this year. These days are a true celebration of rural life, where the city comes alive with the scent...


Introduction of uniform WML

01 - 08 - 2023

The uniform Statutory Minimum Wage will be introduced on 1 January. For your own employees and temporary workers.


New office space for Mondial Uitzend

13 - 07 - 2023

After 22 years, Mondial Uitzend leaves 't Zand and opens the doors of its establishment in Schagen in 2024!


Start Mondial Uitzend Fryslân is successful

08 - 07 - 2023

Since the beginning of 2023, Mondial Uitzend Fryslan has been actively sending flex workers to its customers in the Frisian province.

Mondial Uitzend is a sustainable entrepreneur

31 - 03 - 2023

Mondial Uitzend is in full development and is constantly looking for sustainable alternatives.