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Mondial biedt werkzaamheden binnen korte en langdurige opdrachten in onder andere productie en logistiek, hout- en metaalbewerking, bouw, glas- & tuinbouw en agrarisch.

Industrial Cleaner

202108IC 13372 x bekeken 32-45 10,18 + allowances Industrial Cleaner


As an Industrial Cleaner  you will work shifts per 4 weeks.

During this 4 weeks you work 14 nightshifts and 4 evening shifts. Every 4 weeks you also have 10 days off.

Do you work the nightshift, then you have to do industrial cleaning;

  • Cleaning machines with water hose and cleaning supplies.
  • Cleaning stairs
  • Cleaning the floors
  • Cleaning the walls
    During the evening shifts you do some production work;
  • You have to prepare pizza, salads, fruit, etcetera.
  • You will work on a production line
  • You put the finished products into a box and on a pallet


The minimum working period for this job is 3 months, that’s why we offer you a contract for the same period.  If you want to stay after that period, and our client is satisfied and also wants to continue with you as a worker, we can offer you a new contract again. Of course you can also take a break and go home to return to this job after enjoying that break.

We offer you a start salary of € 10,18 gross per hour. On top of that you will get paid allowances;

Monday till Thursday

Working hours  between:                Paid per hour:


00:00 / 07:00                                               130%

16:00 / 18:00                                                 100%

18:00 / 22:00                                                115%

22:00 / 07:00                                               130%



Working hours  between:                Paid per hour:


00:00 / 07:00                                               130%

16:00 / 18:00                                                 100%

18:00 / 22:00                                                115%

22:00 / 00:00                                               130%



Working hours  between:                Paid per hour:


00:00 / 18:00                                                150%

18:00 / 00:00                                                200%



Working hours  between:                Paid per hour:


00:00 / 00:00                                              200%


If you are still doing this job after 26 weeks and our client is satisfied about you as a worker, your salary will be raised . We think it’s important for you to be rewarded for the good work you’re doing!


Mondial Uitzend offers different housing options. For example, we have hotels, farms, apartments, etc. When planning the accommodation, we look at the distance from your work location and of course we always try to take cohabitation with friends etc. All our accommodation is SNF approved.


We can arrange a health insurance for you. Such an insurance is mandatory when you work in the Netherlands.


We work with different kind of nationalities at Mondial. And we know how important it is to be able to communicate in your own language. That’s why we have coordinators who can give you guidance and answer your questions in your own language.


The working hours for the nightshift are from 23:00 till 6:00 (guaranteed 7 hours paid, unless ill, then you will get paid the real working hours)

The working hours for the evening shifts are from 16:00 till 01:00 (guaranteed 8 hours paid, unless ill, then you get paid your real working hours)

10 days off per 4 weeks

You working hours will be registered by using a timecard.


Wat wordt er van jou verwacht?

For this job it’s necessary to have knowledge of the English language

You are available to work for at least 3 months

Experience in industrial cleaning is an advantage.


We are Mondial Uitzend B.V., based in 't Zand, Noord-Holland (the Netherlands). Mondial Uitzend B.V. is a real family business that stands for service and involvement. We work for and with people and we do that with integrity. Respect, helpful, result / focus, expertise, pride and reliability are very important to us!

Uren 32-45
Salaris 10,18 + allowances


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